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Criminal law issues can be challenging, stressful and life-changing. As your attorney, my goal is to build a trusting relationship with you, which will prove helpful in the fight to protect your rights.

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My name is Taylor Stewart Moudy. As a lawyer, I am well-versed in local legal relationships. I know what clients should expect in this area. With deep roots in the East Bay area and commitment to Alameda County and its criminal justice system, I can represent and advise my clients throughout the process to achieve their goal of finding a resolution that meets their individual needs.

I am client-focused, and when you hire me, I will cater to your legal needs individually. I am focused on providing services here in the county and building relationships and trust with my clients. I answer my phone, and I meet personally with each client. You won’t have to jump through hoops to talk with me. I started my firm here; I am a local attorney committed to protecting my clients’ rights. Let me fight for you.

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I can represent you, whether it is your first DUI, a traffic offense or a misdemeanor, or you are struggling with a more complex issue such as domestic violence. I will examine the facts around your case to understand the situation better and create a strategic plan that allows me to represent your legal interests. I have the experience, knowledge and legal resources to help protect your rights in and out of court. I will fight for you.

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