Helping Clients Find Peace Of Mind
When Facing Legal Challenges

Solution-Focused And Caring Representation

When a law firm gets to become too big, it runs the risk of losing its grasp on the humanity of a criminal defense case. When you are looking for someone to defend you through your criminal charges, you deserve to have a lawyer who is as committed to your best interests as you are, like the one you can find at my firm, Law Office of Taylor S. Moudy.

I am a California criminal defense attorney who is solely focused on representing clients through misdemeanor charges. I know how bad misdemeanor charges can be, and I am here to offer you peace of mind that I will do everything in my power to help you. You can learn more about my experience here:

What Sets Me Apart From The Rest

I focus my practice on developing deep roots in my community to serve them with my thorough knowledge of criminal law. When people look for a criminal defense attorney, they may find themselves settling for someone who is out of touch with their needs, and I take specific measures to avoid that mistake.

Communication is one of my highest priorities with my clients, and they never have to go through hoops to get in touch with me. I make sure my clients know exactly what I am doing to defend them, where I think their case is heading, and what I am going to do next for them. I never leave clients in the dark about their case, and I am eager to stand by their side.

Choose A Committed Misdemeanor Attorney

When a lawyer defends clients against felony charges, they may not take your misdemeanor charges as seriously as you do. I only take misdemeanor cases, so I know exactly what is at stake in your claim. If you need someone to defend your rights and freedoms against your misdemeanor charges, contact the Hayward office of Law Office of Taylor S. Moudy by calling 510-313-2253 or emailing me here to schedule your free initial consultation today.