Helping Clients Find Peace Of Mind
When Facing Legal Challenges

A Committed Defense Against Misdemeanors

Just because the charges you or a loved one is facing are classified as misdemeanors, it does not mean that they are minor charges. The consequences of a misdemeanor can follow a convicted person for years or a lifetime, which is why it is vital they have an attorney they can trust to fight these charges and protect their rights.

I am attorney Taylor S. Moudy, and I proudly serve clients in California as a defense attorney they can trust to fight for them. I only take misdemeanor charges because I know how much of a threat they can be against a defendant’s job, rights and reputation against charges like those listed below.

DUI Charges

Whether you are facing your first DUI charge or your fourth, these charges are a serious matter that I work tirelessly to defend you from. Multiple convictions mean harsher consequences, which is why I fight to keep your record as clean as possible from them. While helping you with my confidential services, you can trust that you will get all the information you need in your case.

Domestic Violence

These charges often arise in long-term relationships between partners, parents or other family members. Instead of talking to the police, let me act on your behalf. Your lawyer should be the only person you talk to about these matters so they can help you defend your rights, reputation and freedom.

Traffic Violations

The collateral consequences of a traffic violation can be more damaging than the direct consequence. Temporarily losing your license may not seem bad, but it poses a serious problem if it keeps you from getting to work and costs you your job. With enough points on your record, the court can suspend or revoke your license, so let me defend your future from these charges and eliminate the stress in these cases for you.

Comprehensive And Committed Representation

While you may not think much of misdemeanor charges, they can have many serious consequences. I also can defend you from misdemeanor charges involving vandalism, theft and other property crimes.

I can help you avoid the tangible and intangible costs of your misdemeanor case and make a considerable difference in its outcome in the process. If you are not sure if I can help you, give me a call at 510-313-2253 or email me here for your free consultation.